Driving in Quebec
Quebec fleurdelys

Driving in Quebec

Tips and useful information 


Quebec fleurdelys
Driving in Quebec

Useful tips for driving in  Quebec

For visitors taking to the roads of Quebec, the degree of familiarity with the rules of the road will depend a lot on where the visitor is coming from: for drivers from the USA, things will seem pretty familiar; for drivers from other parts of Canada, they will be even more familiar. But from drivers from Europe there are a lot of points to watch out for – many of them common to much or all of North America.

Drivers licence
Generally speaking, visitors from Europe and the USA, staying less than three months in Canada, do not need an international driver's licence as long as they have a valid licence from their own country.

Quebec rules of the road and driving information

For everyone.

Specific points for visitors from the USA.

There one extra point to watch out for :

Specific points for visitors from outside North America.

Several points, which are generally points to note when driving anywhere in North America:

Traffic density.

Traffic is dense around the cities, notably in and around Montréal; but away from the connurbations and out into rural Quebec, distances are long, and European drivers will probably be surprised how little traffic there is on the roads

Speed limits in Quebec, converted into miles per hour

Maximum speed in mph
and km/hr
Town / built-up area Open road Dual carriageways and motorways
(50 km/h)
56 mph (90 km/h)
or 50 mph (80 km/h)
or as indicated
62.5 mph  (100 km/h)
or as indicated


Driving on the Gaspé peninsula

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Out in Rural Quebec, distances can be long

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